Jan 14, 2012

Whoo! That's intense.

Lately I've had one of the biggest, if not THE biggest workloads I've ever had.

Between the school project (which I'm very close to sharing work from with everyone here!), a couple of small jobs I've taken on to ease my financial worries, and trying to maintain decent grades at school classes that don't relate to my school project... And trying to run a decent personal life among it all... It's been crazy.

I'm getting big satisfaction from it all but it's really hard to keep it up. I'm not built for this kind of life. I need my space. :O

See you soon with some materials from our yearly project which is shaping up to be something AWESOME! Hopefully we'll have enough time and skill to complete it.

P.S - Since I didn't jump the happy-new-year-blog-post wagon, I'll use this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year! Make sure you use it better than the last!

-Alon Tako.