Nov 28, 2012

Did you play Desktop Dungeons?

Hey there everybody,

Over a year ago now, I stumbled upon Desktop Dungeons.
It's a free indie game in which you play a character (you choose a race and a class), who's put in a dungeon at level 1, and now you have to find an effective way to fight your way through that dungeon. You defeat a level 10 boss to finish a match.

I like to refer to this game as a "hardcore casual game". It's casual in the way that each match will never last more than a few minutes, 10 minutes would be average, with very little above or below it. But it's also hardcore in that the game is one heck of a complex puzzle.

Since then, a lot has happened for the trio from south africa (who developed the game) - and today, for the past year or so, they are developing a "fuller" version of that old free-to-play version of Desktop Dungeons.
This version is available to you in beta version if you prepurchase the full game in their site:


If you look around, you will see that the old alpha version is also still available, for free, for whoever wants to see what all the fuss is about.

This game is an amazing feat of game design. The original game was extremely refreshing and reminded me of what gaming is all about, and the beta version of the newer game keeps surprising me with awesome ideas, awesome balance, awesome implementation, and endless originality.

I strongly recommend you to try it out, especially you game makers out there, with a bigger finger pointed at game designers. Take a look at what our profession is all about. if you liked the alpha, even a little bit, you should seriously consider buying the official game - and support indie game makers. Especially of this incredibly talented type.

Beta Art

-Alon Tako.

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