Oct 8, 2012

Back to action!

It's been a while since my last update.

Our short film Glued has been a success beyond anything we ever imagined, close to 800,000 views and counting! 

I'm very humbled since this is my first attempt at anything of this magnitude, and it was a learning experience above anything else. The fact it became so popular was a big surprise (can't say we didn't hope for it but still). I gotta thank my team mates for everything they've done to push this thing to where it is!

But since it's release, besides being flooded with all kinds of attention, there's been a holiday season and a job hunt, and I had to think about my next project, which will be my graduation project!

So right now I'm indecisive about whether I'll make another short film, this time alone, or maybe pursue my true passion all the way - character design, modeling, texturing, lighting... and take it to a whole new level, creating the best showreel I can make of only these specific skills.

So while I make this sort of big decision, I started refining my anatomy skills. 
I took my old model (formerly named Bronn) and fixed the mistakes I've made on it, pushing it to the next level. This is still a work in progress, but I do believe it's been improved a lot.

There's still a lot of work since he's still pretty much flayed, symmetrical, and also the arms need work (they're the part I worked on least on this remake and the part in the body I know least about anatomically). I plan on doing some ancient greek art studies soon, and as part of that I might give him some spartan gear, trying to avoid making him too 300-ish.

I plan on getting back to action, this year sharing much more of my projects than last year.

Thanks for visiting!

-Alon Tako.


  1. Hey alon nice to see things are happening for you,
    I like the model much more than the last one
    and also the render is a nicer one.a good new anatomy book i found is by michael hampton called figure design and invention -really helps understand anatomy conceptually and not focuses on diagrames and details to much.also working hard trying to improve my drawing,hope our paths should cross someday in the industry.

    sergey(old graylight from gamer).

    1. Hey!

      Happy to see you're still alive. I'm still waiting for you to pop out of your bubble and show the world what you can do :)

      I will check that book out - it looks promising. What I usually do is do a gesture drawing, and then use Paul Richer's anatomy plates (from the end of his book) to practice my anatomy on the gestures. This book looks like it's sort of a combination of these, will be very useful!