Aug 10, 2012

Finally done! GLUED

Hey everyone!

It's been a LONG time since I got to update this blog, and that's because of two main reasons:
1. Life's been hard cuz I'm a student in Israel, and Israel is kinda a financial shithole right now.

2. I've been dedicating ALL of my time, literally ALL of it, to finishing our 3rd year project - Glued. Well, not in the past month or so, but until a month ago, ALL of my time. Seriously. For the last month we've actually been waiting for the short to complete it's rendering, and then this past week we did some post work, and now, at LAST, it's done.

I posted a few frames from our Color Script which I did a good long while ago. 

Over the next weekend and the beginning of next week, we will be posting our short on Vimeo and eventually YouTube as well, and of course once it's all uploaded and set up - I'll have the link posted here.

It's been a tough year, this film took 10 full months to complete, and we are very, very, VERY happy we're done. 


-Alon Tako.

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