Dec 20, 2011

Bezalel Campaign

Hey all,

My art school's going to go through a publicity campaign, which should be pretty unique.
Basically they're gonna take some of the best student work from the past year and put it on billboards all over the country.

My application for their consideration is this:

While not exactly a school project, I owe a lot of where I am today to my school and this is something that shows considerable progress compared to other sculpture work that I did.

The QR code is leading here, so that maybe a few more people will join you readers that take interest in me.  And thank you for doing so! :)

I've been receiving comments about the painfully obvious symmetry on the model.
I do wish I had the time to break symmetry and bring this presentation to a higher level, but sadly I had to render it pretty quickly and give it out to the management. I do plan on finishing this guy up eventually... and the next step is without a doubt to break symmetry!

Oh, and yes, he's barefoot and he loves it. That's just how he roles.

-Alon Tako.