Nov 25, 2011

Jaguar E-Type


I've been working on one of the most beautiful cars of all times in my opinion, as part of a course I'm taking in school. Jaguar E-Type.

Here's a peak... not done yet, still gotta do interior and improve smoothing, and there's more detailing work - but I just blocked in the interior and it finally took shape of a real car and I had to share!

Working full power on our yearly project... hope to have things to share soon!


Nov 17, 2011

Going slow!

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to update on how Bronn's looking now.
I don't think I'll be calling him "Bronn" anymore as I figure, if it's only inspired by an idea I had when I read about Bronn, and hardly at all similar to anything Bronn is, why call him Bronn?

Either way progress is slow. School started, and I've begun work on a 2 minute 3D short I'll be making throughout the year... which is obviously a ton of work. So I hope I get to finish this soon.