Jul 22, 2011

A quick update

So I haven't had the chance to upload anything new lately.
I've got a small job and it's been hard getting an apartment over here, so my time's a bit limited.

I'm working on a bunch of stuff though, and hopefully soon I'll be able to share it all. Assuming those hiring me will approve. :) One of these things is an independent mod for one of my favorites games of all times!

I hope to get back to my personal projects as soon as possible.


Jul 15, 2011

Some progress

Did a T-pose (limited to his movement capability) and now I'm gonna work on making it game ready - started with high-res detail (No pic yet), normal mapping, AO, the whole shabang. Gonna test it on Marmoset! Pics soon.


Jul 13, 2011

An new render for an old thingie

Hey all, been a while.

So I fixed my computer, but not before I lost around 900GB of valuable information. It sucked.

But, back to reality. Since I didn't have much time to go on with personal projects (kinda overflowed with work and other-real-life stuff, like broken computers for example) - I decided to share something I did a good while ago but rendered recently again. I won't lie to you, it's a dragon.

View the full-size image for the, uh, "full effect"...
It's an old model, one of the first things I sculpted in ZBrush earlier this year. It's not a very thought-out design, but more of a sketch. Nevertheless it's a dragon.


Jul 9, 2011

Oh, now that's just awesome.

I was doing my homework earlier, when suddenly my computer passed away.

BLAM! blue screen, then a black one, then a restart - and no more computer.
I lost tons of material, my hard disk died apparently. I lost hundreds of hundreds of gigs of information and backups.

I hope to get it fixed tomorrow, and hopefully restore some of the lost info. I lost a very important school assignment together with it all, and now I'm in danger of not passing the course. Which will suck BIG TIME. A whole semester GONE because of this bah of a computer.

If you don't see anything posted the upcoming days, know that this is probably the reason.

To hell with computers.


A quick one

Hey all,

Haven't posted anything in a few days. Didn't have much time to work on anything.
This time I'm sharing a quick sketch I did a while ago, which I then retopologized just for practice.

Nothing fancy, but I like the profile view of this guy. I might take this further to complete the concept - a bulky elven warrior. I always wanted to play around with the "traditional" concepts of the different fantasy races, and I always thought that an elf could work very well as a bulky warrior. 

But that'll have to wait. Gotta finish some mandatory tasks first...

Oh yeah, on my breaks I've been playing some TF2. Gotta say I forgot how much fun it can be. 


Jul 6, 2011

This will make things easier...

Gaming industry worth 74 billion in 2011

Good news to us game developers...
Getting investments just got that much easier. I hope this goes on, but I'm also scared. A little.



I'd like to say a few words about a game that has recently come to my attention.

Ascention: Chronicles of the Godslayer. (click to go to game's website)

Apparently this is a real-life card game, but now it was brought to the iPhone, and it's just great.
In my opinion it is one of the best, if not THE best iPhone games out there.

It does it all, and it does it rather well. It's basically a [card] deck building game, with rather simple mechanics, but a great fit into your mobile device. Personally I find it a bit too easy for the moment - it has a pretty flat learning curve and once you get the hang of it, you'll win the computer very easily. It's no different with online play, but I guess with time more players will learn how to play and more players will play - which will increase the challenge. Which brings me to another point, the online factor of the game.

Without a doubt, out of all of the games I've played on my iPhone so far, this one has the best online integration I've seen. Since it's a card game, and it's turn based, you can get in a game and not worry about latency, quality of your connection (it's good enough as long as you stay connected), etc. There are plenty of gamers in there and the game has it's own interface to let you get in, or get out of games. This is the first time I've been regularly playing online on the iPhone since I got it a year ago.

I recommend you all to give it a shot, and if you're a card game geek, I urge you to do so instantly. It's really a must. For now it's rather simplistic for the heavy gamers (at least for the iPhone, I haven't had the chance to try to real life game), but it's much fun nonetheless, and there's no reason why it shouldn't develop and become more and more deep and complex with time, as the community grows.

Thumbs up Gary Games, you've brought something truly great to an otherwise desaturated market. Thanks!



I've finished retopologizing the Tiquan worker character.

I'm quite happy with the results. I might change a few things eventually, but for the sake of going on with ZBrush sculpting it's just fine.


Jul 5, 2011

A quick model of an old concept - WIP

Hey all,

I'm working on stuff for my reel, and decided to give life to an old concept of mine - A "Tiquan" worker. This concept is from a game I'm working on for quite a while now, hopefully someday it'll see light and you'll all be able to play it. But until then, you'll have to settle with concept art from that game. :)

This is a work in progress, as stated above. I did this model in about an hour. Very bad topology. Basically, it's just a concept model. Next steps will include higher details, proper topology and some more props for the character.


Jul 3, 2011

James Gandolfini - WIP


Two updates today.
This is a bust of James Gandolfini that I made recently.
It's still a work in progress, I should work more on the likeness and I'm planning on texturing and taking a shot at photorealistic rendering for this guy. Stay tuned! I'll keep updating as this project progresses.

For now I'm still working on the lion sculpture I posted a couple of days ago (See it here). I've already posed it and am working on the details. Many things to decide on that one.


The Doryphoros

Hey everyone,

This is a sculpture I made earlier this semester for school. I then rendered it with Mental Ray using the SSS Fast Skin Shader (originally created by master zap who runs a great blog which you can visit by clicking here)

I used a subsurface scattering shader to try and create a translucent marble feel. I eventually got this result:

I generally like how it turned out. It's not perfect, but I'm satisfied with it. 
The marble has some waxy feel to it that I liked.

Well, hope you enjoy it!